Thursday, 19 December 2013

Search Engine for Not Mainstream News

Hi there, newshound.

If you're a bit sick of Google's search results these days, then the little box below might be the search engine for you. Mainstream news sites, including popular sites like Wikipedia and Youtube, have almost completely been culled.  Instead, about 4000 blogs and independent news sources have been included. There are also a few funny/whimsical tidbits in there too, so it's not *all* depressing.

This is a good place to search for info on companies, issues and politicians. Why not try a search now for you favourite/most hated one of those?

Give it a try - if you find it useful, or wish to suggest sites for inclusion (or exclusion) please let me know  and I'll do my best to modify.
(Hint: if you find you're getting a lot of results from one site, simply add a "-" symbol, then the name of the site you want excluded to the end of your search. e.g. Expenses -whatdotheyknow)